Memorials and Monuments - Policy
Only memorials and monuments approved by the Corporation may be installed in the Gardens.  This includes all sizes, styles, and manufacturers whether purchased from Mobile Memorial Gardens or some other source.  There are numerous reasons why this works well and we will gladly discuss them.  The best reason though is this is what helps set apart a memorial park cemetery from all others.  

Mobile Memorial Gardens offers a wide variety of styles and designs that allow for a high degree of personalization and many different budgets.  Our experienced memorial counselors are trained to help each individual and each family select the best memorial for themselves or their loved one whether at the time of need or in advance.  They only offer those styles and designs approved for use in the Gardens so there is no confusion, wasted time, or additional expense.  

Approved memorials may be purchased from a source other than Mobile Memorial Gardens.  A permitting process is used for determining the acceptance of a memorial and the generation of necessary documentation since certain information is needed in advance and also for a permanent record.  Mobile Memorial Gardens accepts no responsibility for any memorial purchased prior to approval and is not responsible for the quality of the third party memorial or its installation.  Arrangements must be made with the vendor or an approved installer for the installation since the Gardens does not offer this service.  Installers of memorials purchased from an outside source must meet certain requirements and be preapproved by the Corporation prior to the installation being performed.  These installers must install the memorial in accordance with cemetery policy.  Memorial installers desiring to install memorials in the Gardens must submit a written request to the cemetery's administration office for a "Dealer Packet" which details the cemetery's requirements.  

Details of the permitting  process may be obtained at the cemetery's administration office during regular office hours or by clicking here.