2014 Flags of Glory Veterans Honor Roll

The following were honored during the 2014 Flags of Glory display.

 Veteran Branch
Henry R Allen Jr US Navy
Bernadette  Baldy US Navy
Brian  Baldy US Army
Shawn  Baldy US Air Force
Thomas  Baldy US Air Force
Tim  Baldy US Navy
Robert  Baylor US Army
Oscar C Beckworth US Army
Joel H Blake US Navy
Dan W Brown US Navy
James E Byears Jr US Navy
James E Byrd Jr US Air Force
Eugene P Callahan US Army
William (Bill)  Callender US Army
James W Coker US Army
Joseph E Couch US Army
Edward C Crabtree US Coast Guard
Carl D Daughdrill US Air Force
Cleveland  Davis US Army
William  Delchamps II US Air Force
Jeremiah  Denton US Navy
Dane  Durbin US Air Force
Richard  Dutton US Navy
Calvin R Ellison US Coast Guard
Roy L Gibson US Army
John  Givens US Army
Billy B Griffis US Army
Raymond  Griffith US Army
Gary  Grow US Coast Guard
George E Harvell US Army
Harvey A Herman US Army
Thomas  Herman US Navy
Leroy  Hill US Army
Cecil T Hobbs US Army
Robert  Hochstetter US Navy
Nelson J Hunter US Army
G. E.  Krietemeryer US Coast Guard
James E Ladner US Marines
Louis  Lartigue, Jr. US Army
Lou  Lartigue, Sr US Army
Raymond  Lawrence US Army
Archie E Lewis US Navy
Frank E Lewis US Marines
Ira E Lewis US Army
Joseph W Machen US Navy
Joseph W Machen II US Army
Tom  Maine US Coast Guard
Armand  Manning US Army
Disabled  Marine Vets US Marines
Robert  Martin US Army Air Corp
Richard  Masters US Navy
Marion E McFadden US Navy
Mike  McGee US Navy
Charles  Moody US Air Force
Harold N Moore US Army
Nelson  Naber US Coast Guard
Robert W Nabors US Military
Charles T Nunnelee US Army
William E Nunnelee US Army
James A Peacock US Navy
James G Peacock US Army
Milton  Perl US Army
Arthur  Powell US Air Force
Curtis  Powell US Army
Ernest P Powell US Army
Pete  Riehm US Navy
Dorothy G Rowell US Navy
Thomas  Rutherford US Army
David V Savell US Navy
Sam  Schoolfield US Marines
Harold  Scribner US Navy
Art  Slack US Army
Charles N Smith US Army
Larry  Smith US Public Health Svc
Alex B Snodgrass US Army
Charles R Stuart US Navy
Harold F Trull US Air Force
All  US Veterans US Military
All American  Veterans US Military
Georgia  Veterans US Military
Ohio  Veterans US Military
VFW Post 49  Veterans US Military
James M Warren Sr. US Marines
William E Wassman US Navy
Donald (Don)  Westwood US Navy
John  Williams US Army
Sherman  Williams US Army
John H Williams Sr. US Navy
William  Wolforth US Army
Theodore W Yates US Army