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cemetery options, Cemetery Options, Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Memorials and Monuments

There are two major types of permanent markings available for standard in-ground burial, flat bronze mounted on a granite base and upright granite monuments. Each offers a way to pay tribute in a lasting manner that is elegant, dignified, and enduring.

Bronze Memorials on Granite

cemetery options, Cemetery Options, Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Why purchase your memorial from the cemetery?

Mobile Memorial Gardens provides memorials exclusively for placement in Mobile Memorial Gardens only. This means the memorials we place in the cemetery receive the full attention of our experienced expert staff because our installers do not have to travel to other cemeteries to place memorials. This includes the technicians that install the memorials as well as the personnel that track and record the process. The benefit to you is the highest degree of accuracy and the least amount of delay. It also means the installers care not just about the memorial, but also they care about the cemetery it is in. They do not just install it and leave.

As a not for profit organization, we are able to provide the greatest value for the money you spend. In fact, the revenue received from the proceeds from memorials is used exclusively for the operation, care, and improvement of the entire cemetery.

Because of the numerous size, design, and personalization options available, there is virtually an endless variety of combinations. Our goal is to help guide you through the process of selection. We know this is a decision that is not only often challenging, it's one that will last a very long time. Whether you want total simplicity or something highly creative, we will help you with a design plan that gets you there.

The two main size categories are individual and companion. Each category has size choices within them as illustrated by the typical sizes shown in this graphic. Size is just one of the many ways to personalize the bronze memorial. Many families want to include words of endearment, verses, and other significant messages. The larger sizes offer more surface area that allows for more words and larger character size.

Since the purchase of a memorial is such an important decision, we provide personalized guidance throughout the selection and purchase process, both on a before-need basis as well as on an immediate-need basis. We do it this way because we are not trying to make a "fast buck" with an online store. We have learned that the person, whether it is yourself or someone else, is not just another random person to you and therefore the memorial is not just some typical consumer product. Simply put, we believe whether your highest priority is affordability or elaborate customization, ground level memorialization or an upright monument, our personal attention to your needs and desires is the best avenue for making the right choice.

Please call us at 251-661-1333 to begin the process.

cemetery options, Cemetery Options, Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Upright Cemetery Monuments

Upright monuments have long been a familiar site in cemeteries throughout the ages. Upright Cemetery Monuments have been an option for marking family grave sites for a number years in the Garden of Resurrection. This section has become a highlight of the cemetery with its extensive shrubbery and trees and interesting groupings.

The Gardens was established as a traditional memorial park cemetery using flat bronze memorials placed on a granite base Until the 1980's this was the only option offered. Many families told us however they still wanted the option to have an upright monument because of a family tradition or preference. The response was to create and add the Garden of Resurrection which was designed and laid our in a fashion suitable for the placement of monuments. A common arrangement families choose is one monument with the family name centered on two or more burial sites grouped together side by side. Each individual grave site would be marked using a personalized flat bronze memorial. Other options are the use of a monument alone to mark the site of a husband and wife with the inscription for both on the monument. Since benches are able to be placed in many locations throughout this garden, often times even to the side of the monument when four or more side by side spaces are in the grouping, families are able to create a memorial site that is both impressive and meaningful.