2015 Flags of Glory Honor Roll

The following were honored during the 2015 Flags of Glory display.

Honored Veteran Branch
Henry R Allen Jr US Navy
Dr Maureen T Baldy US Army
Walter  Ballard US Army
Ira L Bennett US Army
Warner A Britton US Air Force
James C Britton III, M.D. US Army
Dan W Brown US Navy
James H Bryant US Army
Cecil L Burdette US Army
James  Butcher US Marines
William  Callaway US Army
John W Carey US Army
Rufus A Coley US Army
James R Coley, SR. US Air Force
Marcell C Corlett US Army
Charles H Cox US Army
Edward C Crabtree US Coast Guard
Cleveland  Davis US Army
Wesley L Davis US Navy
Robert  Denniston US Navy
Jeremiah  Denton US Navy-Vietnam POW
Jason  Dionne US Military
James  Drake US Army
Michelle D Dunning US Army
Patrick C Dunning US Army
Willie D Dunning JR. US Army Air Corp
Willie D Dunning, III US Marines
Willie D Dunning, IV US Army
E. A Duthu US Navy
Richard  Dutton US Navy
Johnny L Fellows US Army
Glenn  Frazier US Army-WWII POW
Joseph D Gardner US Navy
John  Givens US Army
Joshua  Grantham US Military
Cornelious  Greene US Coast Guard
Arnot  Groves US Coast Guard
Joseph  Hanna US Navy
Clayton L Hare US Military
James S Harrell US Marines
Donald H Harris US Air Force
Bill  Hay US Military
Harvey A Herman US Army
Cecil T Hobbs US Army
Nelson J Hunter US Army
Cecil C Johnson US Air Force
Fred B Johnson US Navy
Gilbert  Killings US Navy
Stephen  King US Military
Norman D Krineir US Air Force
James E Ladner US Marines
Gene  Lanier US Military
Louis  Lartigue Jr. US Army
Lou  Lartigue Sr. US Army
Earl Lathem US Air Force
Raymond  Lawrence US Army
Archie  Lewis US Navy
Honored Veteran Branch
John E Lewis US Marines
Sylvester  Lichtenfeld US Army-WWII POW
Joseph W Machen US Navy
Joseph W Machen II US Army
Leo  Marsh US Army
Dale A Martin US Air Force
James  Martin US Military
Matthew J Martin US Military
Robert  Martin US Army Air Corp
Christopher E Mason US Army
Richard  Masters US Navy
Reed C Mattingley US Navy
Rufus  McCarra US Army
William V McDermott US Army
James  McEvoy US Marines
Marion E McFadden US Navy
John M McGehee, MD. US Navy
Walter P McKeough US Marines
Miranda  Middleton US Navy
Zachary  Middleton US Army
G F  Montiel US Navy
Robert W Nabors US Marines
Kevin  Nave US Marines
Dr. Nick C Nichols US Marines
Benjamin F Patrick US Army
Richard  Pennington US Air Force
George  Peterson US Military
Dr. Sidney C Phillips US Marines
Marshall  Pierce Jr. US Army
Rennie  Pitt US Marines
Curtis  Powell US Army
Ernest P Powell US Army
Joseph  Romagnano US Army
Thomas O Rutherford US Army
David V Savell US Navy
Harold  Scribner US Navy
Harvey E Scribner Jr. US Air Force
Capt. Lance P Sijan US Air Force
Herbert E Sinclair US Military
Charles N Smith US Army
Dr. Larry  Smith US Public Healty Service
Alex B Snodgrass US Army
Albert  ST Clair US MILITARY
William H Stipmson US MILITARY
Charles R Stuart, Sr. US Navy
Daniel D Turner US Army
Andy  Van Hoogmoed US Marines
Lisa   Van Hoogmoed-Flores US Marines
Evert  Van Veelen US Navy
Frank  Vonasek US Navy
David R Walters US Military
James M Warren US Military
Mack C Weaver Jr. US Army
John H Williams US Navy
Sherman  Williams US Army
Judkins B Williams, Sr. US Army
William M Wolfarth US Army

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