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Millions of people, just like you, plan their cemetery arrangements each year. This gives them time to consider all of their options, including prices, and to create a strategy to ensure they get what they want.

Have a plan and a place ahead of time.

Save you and your family of the burden later down the road.

Have you thought about your burial plans? Unfortunately, funerals, cremations and other memorial functions may have hidden costs. Avoid burdening your loved ones by planning ahead, instead of waiting until it is almost too late.
Our on-site specialists and resources at Mobile Memorial Gardens are here for you. Please read below to learn more about our pre-planning and preparation opportunities.

Have a plan and a place ahead of time.

You and your family will feel more at ease if you start planning for any future cemetery needs now. Family members must make dozens of decisions after a loss of a loved one, often during an extremely trying and stressful period. Making fewer decisions then is a lighter workload as it relates to cemetery needs.
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How to Pre-Plan

There are several choices you may make regarding the location, products and services you want to have while pre-planning a burial. Here, at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery, we have on-site specialists who are here for you. Planning helps your family and secures your wishes. You can make plans with your family to make sure that everyone's preferences are taken into account. Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery enables you to make advanced plans for yourself, your spouse or other loved ones.
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How Mobile Memorial Gardens Can Help You Prepare

The mission of Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery is to help people make advance plans for their last resting place so that they can have peace of mind. Through this procedure, we have assisted countless families in getting rid of the pointless emotional and monetary weight that comes with at-need arrangements. To help families plan, we offer our Personal Planning Organizer.
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"In the end, it's not the years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years."

- Abraham Lincoln

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