Why Pre-Need Planning Is So Important

Our everyday lives consist of trying to do it all. We plan around our busy schedules and make time for what matters most. It could be family, important events or even alone time. But something we may fail to do is to plan for the unexpected and the uncomfortable situations. Death is usually an unexpected event that is never easy to deal with, which is why pre-need planning is so important for various reasons.

Manageable financial arrangements

Staying on top of finances has been proven to alleviate stress because it enforces a controlled strategy that creates good money habits. Pre-need planning is the same concept. It works to alleviate the stress that occurs when a loved one passes and collects the funds to cover funeral expenses that become unmanageable. Rather than paying in full, the payments are spread out month to month at an affordable rate. A Personal Planning Organizer works with you to set up these financial arrangements. They are no different than any other recurring expense you may already have like your phone or electricity bill. In no time, you will realize it is possible to finish paying these funds. 

You avoid inflation 

Inflation is inevitable. Dealing with unwanted gas prices among many other expenses is part of life. But what if we told you that with pre-need planning, inflation is avoidable? You will not have a fluctuating price as you have a fixed rate that covers the funeral arrangements you so choose. The advancement of the program is both straightforward and even provides you with discounts. 

You reduce emotional distress 

When a loved one passes, there is a lot of emotional turmoil that occurs. To help reduce any emotional stress, pre-need cemetery planning is highly advised. To make sense of it all as you prepare for financial expenses, you also have the opportunity to prepare for other important factors like choosing the type of casket, the type of burial and the ability to review all the cemetery options. All of these factors may not be as clear to choose from as you go through the grief process. Making these important decisions beforehand will help tremendously. 

Enroll in our pre-need planning program today with the help of a Personal Planning Organizer. We help make it easy to make monthly payments at an affordable rate. Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery is conveniently located in Mobile, AL. If you have suffered a loss and would like to speak to us, please call us at (251) 661-1333 or visit www.mobilememorialgardens.com.

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