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Cremation Memorialization Options

After the loss of a loved one, deciding the best burial option is a personal and very important decision to make. Traditional burials are a very common service to perform, but it’s becoming more and more common for families to choose cremation.

There are many reasons that can explain why a growing number of people are choosing cremation. It’s cost-effective, without any embalming, caskets or other costly services. It’s dignified and helps to curb environmental concerns as well. Cremation is a much simpler process that allows families to spend more time mourning and less time worrying about the logistics of death. After a cremation, the remains are in the form of ashes that most people choose to be placed in an urn or some other kind of container of the family’s choosing and kept as a keepsake. However, for many, this isn’t the best option by itself. 

It’s not easy for everyone who chooses cremation to take their loved one’s remains home with them. For several families, this can make it difficult to mourn and have emotional closure over the death. Many families, especially those practicing Catholicism, desire the ease of cremation, but also the closure involved with a burial service. At Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery, we’ve heard this sentiment a lot. Even families who choose cremation still need a burial plot as a final resting spot to honor and memorialize their lost loved ones. 

Families may end up taking their loved one’s home and putting them on display, to only realize months later that it’s time for that urn to be in a closet. By having a niche, plot or a place in our gardens, family members who weren’t able to bring the loved one home with them have a place to share their grief with the loved one that they are mourning

Some individuals also place a lot of value on having a legacy after death. Urns can certainly do that, but they are possessions. They can be mishandled, broken or misplaced and in some cases even forgotten about entirely over time. Some people choose to have their ashes spread, in a site that was meaningful to them. This can be a beautiful gesture, but it doesn’t last. The space you scatter the remains in is often in an uncontrolled area. Weather or municipal developments can easily alter that space, making it less meaningful as a place to mourn in the long run. Having a permanent spot that can be used for that purpose that is protected and always accessible is a wonderful way to honor your loved one’s legacy.

For those of you in that situation, Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery has several affordable options for you. Our Remembrance Garden and Chapel Mausoleum provide an in-ground and above-ground space to inter your loved one’s remains long term. If you’re in need of a space to perform a cremation burial, contact Mobile Memorial Gardens today!

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