Why should I choose cremation for my loved one?

Cremation burials have become the new era for the “afterlife” in cemeteries when it comes to preserving a loved one's ashes. Why is it so popular, you might ask? There are multiple reasons why you should choose to cremate your loved one, and with more cremation memorialization options available, urns no longer have to sit at home. Plan early and see why more loved ones are finding cremation burial as a great alternative to traditional burials. 

Eco-Conscious Option

Now more than ever are people becoming more eco-conscious about the world we live in and what happens after death is just as important. A traditional burial requires a heavy load of chemicals in order to preserve the body while cremations are programmed to use less than that of carbon emissions. Cremation burial takes up little to no space making cemetery land more manageable. 

Adds a Personal Touch

For those that want to keep their loved ones close to home, they will store the cremations in an urn and display them on a mantle. In fact, over 1 million Americans do this but fail to memorialize it in a way that will preserve their loved one’s site forever. Cremation memorialization adds a personal touch such as memory medallion, scattering, memorial trees and more. Some may not be fond of leaving cremations elsewhere that do not feel close to them. You can always request to take half or less of the cremations with you, while preserving the remainder in the sacred land of your choice. 

To Respect an Organ Donor’s Decision 

In respect to the generosity your loved one holds when they register as an organ donor, you may choose cremation burial. Government health officials may sometimes use their organs for research purposes and to help with science advances. Other remains not used will respectively be given to the family in the form of cremations. It brings comfort to know you not only respected their personal decision as an organ donor, but to also keep a part of them with you when you choose cremation burial. 

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