What Your Grieving Friends Wish You Would Say

Figuring out what to say to a grieving friend who has just lost someone special can be difficult. You want to be comforting and supportive about their loss, but how do you come up with the right words to say? The last thing you want to do is say something wrong or make your friend feel worse. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can say that will magically make their pain go away, but avoiding the topic isn’t the right answer either. Here are a few things that you can say to friends who are grieving.

I Don’t Know How You Feel

In all reality, you can’t understand what someone is feeling. We all grieve differently and feel emotions differently. No two people grieve and mourn the loss of a loved one in the same way.

I’m Sorry for Your Loss

This may not seem like much or it may seem “played out” but this simple statement shows you truly care.

I’m Here for You

Letting them know they are not alone will go a long way. This is a difficult time for them and they are struggling. Giving your friend the reassurance that you are here for them, day or night, will help remind them that they are loved. Just think about all of the people who would drop anything for you in a heartbeat. Be that person!

Say Nothing

This doesn’t mean avoid them. Instead, it means to actually say nothing. Sometimes silence speaks so much louder than words. There will be times when your friend doesn’t need you to say anything, they just need you to listen and be present. Listening without judgment is so important and will be more meaningful than you could begin to imagine.

I’m Thinking About You

Grief is something that lasts a lifetime. Once the funeral and memorial service is over and everyone has gone home, your friend will be grieving for many days to come. Letting them know days, months and years later that you are thinking about them will help comfort them. It only takes a few seconds to send a simple “thinking of you” message but the impact it has will be major. It’s nice to know that they are on your mind.

Share Memories

It’s common for people to avoid topics regarding the lost loved one. However, sharing memories and talking about the deceased is something your friend will enjoy. They don’t want to forget about them. Instead, they want to talk about them and share things that they will always remember about them. Tell them some of your favorite times experienced with the deceased. You can even share funny moments that you didn’t necessarily love so much, too! Say their name and share your stories.

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