Coping with Grief After Community Violence

The grief that is present after tragic experiences like community violence can leave many feeling depressed, angry and even fearful. A lot of times grief that stems from community violence can be overlooked by many, especially if it regularly happens. Violence in the community can negatively affect people in different ways, but fortunately something can be done about it.


This may be uncomfortable for some, but going to a few therapy sessions can help you work through the feelings you are experiencing. It’s so important to be able to process your thoughts and work through emotions flowing from any tragic event. Some people are self-aware enough to process some things on their own, but most people need assistance. Whenever tragedies aren’t properly addressed, it can create a poor thought process about people, places or things stopping you from freely living your life.

Join a Support Group

Therapy can be expensive for people, and may not fit in your budget at the time. However, there are many support groups that can help you through grief after community violence. Many support groups are free to join and sometimes one can even find a group where everyone in it is there for the exact same reason. Don’t be ashamed to attend a support group and say that you need help. It’s always beneficial to find a group of people who can empathize with you and walk hand-in-hand with you as you heal from the pain.

Get Away and Get Refreshed

Sometimes the best thing to do after community violence is to get away for a little while. Take a few days or even a week to get away from the environment where you’ve experienced so much pain and grief. Instead of trying to address the issue right away, take some time for yourself to get in a different location that doesn’t trigger the emotion that’s attached to your grief. Go somewhere that makes you happy, where you can have fun or where you can relax. Do things that ease your mind and bring peace and joy to you. Once you feel refreshed and ready to handle the emotion, return home. After taking some time away to clear your head you will be that much more ready to address the grief head on.

Get Involved in Making it Better

One of the ways to cope with grief is by taking an active role in fixing the issue that caused the grief. Get involved in the community to help stop the violence. By getting involved you can turn that grief into passion to help prevent other community members from feeling how you feel. No matter what the violence was that has affected the community, you are able to make a change so that it may not happen again. Sometimes the best coping method to get over something is by addressing it head on.

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