Why More Americans are Choosing Cremation Over Traditional Burials

You may have realized that more Americans are choosing cremation over traditional burials. That’s because funerals are typically an expensive service for most families to cover, not to mention additional costs like those for visitation services. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why families have chosen Mobile Memorial Gardens’ cremation services over a traditional burial. Read on and see if cremation suits your needs best as well.

It’s Cost-Effective
The alternative option of cremation is usually more budget-friendly than a traditional burial, as cremation is a fraction of what a traditional funeral would cost. A direct cremation without a ceremony is an even cheaper option. Cremation urns make this possible since the material is not as large or labor-intensive as a casket.

Time is not as Big a Restriction
When your loved one has passed, you may be overwhelmed with the many burial options presented to you and your family and feel rushed to make a decision. Traditional burials are limited by time, as there is a short window to arrange traditional burial services. Luckily, cremation gives the family the flexibility of what to do with the ashes long after the process, whereas traditional funerals should occur within a few days after the death. You also have the option to take some or all of the ashes home with you as a personal memorial.

A Greener Method
Cremation takes up less land and material, making it more environmentally friendly than a traditional burial. Should you have to wait longer to decide on what to do with the ashes, we offer biodegradable urns that work as a temporary basin while you make a more permanent decision with family or loved ones. There are also biodegradable urns for disposition that can be planted or scattered and have seeds embedded for plant growth in the cemetery gardens. Although some metal implants may be used during the process, they are recyclable.

Religious Purposes
While cremation is a personal choice, some religions still do not allow it. Other religions such as Catholicism also have not allowed it in the past, but have changed to accepting the process, making it easier for families to feel comfortable using this option. You may still have a funeral service for your loved one, as cremation does not replace that ceremony.

You can preserve your loved one’s cremation and personalize it with the help of our staff. There are many options to choose from, such as beautiful jewelry for adornment or scattering the ashes in one of our memorial gardens. We will gladly tailor your needs to make it as special as any other form of burial.

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