5 Facts About Above-Ground Burials

The final disposition of your loved one does not always necessarily need to be in the form of in-ground burial. Now, there are other options available that are more common than you may think. Above-ground burials, for example, have known origins linked to cemeteries creating an option for burials to happen above-ground due to floods. To continue to learn more about above-ground burials, here are five interesting facts. 

1. It is considered a traditional form of burial 

Believe it or not, above-ground burials are just as traditional as in-ground burials. The difference? It all comes down to personal choice, but those who do choose above-ground burial will tell you it comes with much more benefits. In fact, it is considered more traditional, because it is accepted across all major religions and most cultures. New Orleans, Louisiana, was nicknamed the “Cities of the Dead”, referring to the large quantity of above-ground burials that were assembled.

2. It requires a mausoleum entombment 

Above-ground burials require a mausoleum, a man-made structure within a building. Mausoleums are easily recognizable from traditional burials, as they stand out in beautifully architectural structures. Mausoleums also come in the form of crypts that contain a casket with no vault. Cremated remains are also allowed in above-ground mausoleums, so you will not have to worry about not having this as an option. Companion units are most popular amongst larger families that desire to have a reserved section. One may then choose between a private estate or a public community-style chapel with a climate-controlled environment. 

3.The cost will vary 

Although above-ground burials are considered an affordable option, the cost will always vary. One must first take into account the public or private preference, followed by the number of tombs, the type of shape and size, along with many other characteristics a funeral director can further explain through pre-need planning. In the end, you are getting what you pay for, so making the vast decision on the details of how you want your loved one memorialized matters. 

4. Known as the only dry form of burial 

Above-ground burials are truly the only dry form of burial and are also the cleanest. They are especially useful on high-prone flood areas as they are kept at a higher level with concrete material. During rainy or colder seasons, families can comfortably visit their loved ones under a protected roof. Lastly, maintenance requires fewer lawn care. 

5.Not all cemeteries can accommodate it 

While cemeteries offer different burial options, the cemetery itself may not always have the space for above-ground burials. In general, above-ground tombs are efficient in-ground space but because they vary in size from the ground up, it could play a role on the cemetery grounds' limited capacity. Talking to the cemetery staff about the space will save you time and give you peace of mind.

If you want to choose an above-ground burial for your loved one and need help reserving a private mausoleum or a patio crypt, please call us at 251-661-1333. Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery is conveniently located in the Mobile, AL area and is here to assist you during your time of grief.

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