Above or Below Ground Burial?

Weighing down on the type of cemetery option an individual wants to use for a loved one often depends on different circumstances such as personal preference, beliefs, traditions or a set budget. It is not only an important decision that will last a lifetime but a true form of a well-thought-out memorialization. The question then becomes, “Should I go with an above or below ground burial?”. Below you will find some tips that may help you get closer to reaching a decision. 

Ground Burial

Ground burial is a perfect option for someone looking for a traditional remembrance. It is also a great option for those who are on a tight budget, as this is the most affordable way to keep costs relatively low. The simplicity of it ensures you get the care and experience our staff provides. Our cemetery groundskeeper and maintenance staff make sure to keep up with the surrounding landscapes of the gravesites so that they remain polished. Mobile Memorial Gardens gives you the opportunity for a unique experience by allowing you to choose from a variety of gardens that best fit your needs or beliefs. The layout of each garden is specifically catered to the garden name, area, significance and features. There is an abundance of personal preferences available from our garden estates for ground burial and no religion is held back. You can choose a quaint spot by the surrounding oak trees or with a beautiful view of the lake.

Above-Ground Burial

Above-ground burials consist of built-to-suit estates, community or private mausoleums, as well as patio crypts all while still being considered a traditional form of memorization. There is room for more custom options such as receiving more ground space (sizes and shapes included), choosing structured artwork, custom-built for a family and even adding a bench for extra comfort. Though above-ground burial is known to be of prestige and oldest forms of burial, it is a clean and dry form as well. Accepted by all major religions, there is truly no limit with above-ground burials. If you have more room for a budget or simply want to fully customize your loved one’s burial, this option will be the most suitable for you.

Both above-ground and below-ground burial options vary amongst individuals and families. There is no right or wrong way to memorialize a loved one, as it only dictates a small token of the honor and appreciation you will forever hold for them. 

Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery has a professional staff ready to talk to you about above and below-ground burial options. We are able to customize the memorialization as much as possible to bring you comfort during your grieving journey. Please call us at (251) 661-1333 or e-mail us at info@mobilememorialgardens.com for more information. 

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