Burial Options in Mobile, Alabama

Whether you’re experiencing the death of a loved one or are planning in advance, it’s important to know the burial options that are available in your area. At Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery, we know that each life is unique and that every person should have a memorial that speaks to their individual life, spirit and soul—which is why we provide a multitude of different internment options. 

One of the most traditional burial options is an in-ground internment. We have in-ground spaces available in our gardens, which include shady, majestic oak trees and views of our beautiful lake that will help provide a calm and peaceful presence at this final resting place. In-ground options also allow for double-depth internment, which is something to consider if you are considering having two loved ones buried together. We also feature master lots, which are landscaped areas that provide families with space and privacy. These lots allow for both in-ground traditional burials and cremation burial memorials, and include a granite memorial for the family as well as bronze memorials for each member buried there. 

Along with cremation services, we also provide a cremation memorialization space. While many think they will keep their loved one’s cremated remains at home, sometimes it is beneficial to consider providing a final resting space in a cemetery as well. At Mobile Memorial Gardens, we have a Remembrance Garden and Chapel Mausoleum available for these purposes. 

Alternatively, we also have mausoleum-style internment spaces. Though you may not think it, many of our mausoleum services actually run fairly comparable in price to our ground burial options. Our community style chapel and patio crypts allow for family, friends and other visitors to make graveside visits without having to endure the elements. And if you’re interested in private mausoleum services, we also provide this service as well. Our custom family estates can be made to virtually any size and style, and reflect the family in a unique and respectful manner. 

In addition to family mausoleum estates, Mobile Memorial Gardens also provides build-to-suit estates. These spots can be designed specifically for your family, and can be anything from a cremation memorial to a walk-in private family mausoleum. With four or more spaces available in each estate and more memorialization options than our other standard burial areas, this is an extremely customizable choice of internment. 

We believe that each person that passes from this life deserves a respectful and proper final resting place. We are proud to provide that resting space to so many, and we take our job extremely seriously when it comes to upholding the dignity and respect of those that are buried at our cemetery. We treat each family member that comes through our doors as though they were our own, and understand that these decisions are sometimes hard to make. We are here for you and your family, and hope that we are able to provide insightful and understanding internment plans for those that you have loved and lost.

Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery is a non-profit cemetery located at 6100 Three Notch Road in Mobile, Alabama. We are here to help those who are in need and make it a priority to preserve the memories of your loved ones in a dignified, honorable and comfortable place. Visit us online at www.mobilememorialgardens.com or on our Facebook page. If you have suffered a loss and would like to speak to us, please call us at 251-661-1333.

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