Cemetery Etiquette You May Not Know

Going through the grief of losing a loved one is hard enough. During this difficult time, the last thing you may be concerned about is cemetery etiquette. However, knowing the do’s and don’ts will help you to navigate through the day more easily. First and foremost, it’s important to understand the meaning of a visitation.

Keep reading as we take a deeper dive into cemetery etiquette.

How do I act?

Make sure you respect the area and those who have passed when you’re at the cemetery and garden. It is a beautiful and serene place for you to visit your loved one and show respect for others who have passed around. Be respectful to those who are there honoring their loved one.

Many people find comfort in talking to a tombstone or nameplate of their loved one when they are visiting, this is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged. You don’t have to talk in a whisper, but be mindful of others who are visiting or if there is a service going on.

Sometimes, in the time of grief, we often forget the basics, your mission is to preserve. This means we don’t want to leave trash, such as kleenexes or other small debris in the gardens. Many people will often get caught up in the moment and forget this.

Is it alright to bring my child?

Bringing your children with you to the gardens is a great opportunity for them to understand more about loss and to pay their respects to loved ones. It is a good idea to prepare them beforehand of what they can expect so that they know that it isn’t a place for playing and running. However, they should feel comfortable and encourage to take part in honoring the loved one you are visiting.

Should I bring flowers with me?

Bringing flowers isn’t something you have to do. They are expensive and not everyone can afford them, so it is understandable if you don’t bring any. Many people choose to decorate or create a fake flower arrangement to leave at the nameplate or tombstone of their loved ones and changed it seasonally or in accordance with the holidays.  

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