Check into These Things Before Choosing the Right Cemetery

Finding your family’s final resting place will dictate how much care actually goes into their remembrance. Although most cemeteries have been around for centuries, most do not have the adequate staff or equipment to upkeep the cemetery grounds. Even dedicated veteran cemeteries often find it hard to service without certain state mandates. It is important to check into a few things before making the final decision on choosing the right cemetery. Not only is it a place that will forever hold their name, but it will carry on for generations to come. 

Serves all faiths

First and foremost, it is always a positive to look out for a cemetery that serves all faiths. You will want to feel accepted and welcomed no matter the circumstances and religious titles you should obtain. Families and friends can all gather and feel a sense of comfort knowing that there are numerous gardens, each pertaining to the respected members, surrounding symbols, characteristics and the like to the garden you so choose. 

Serves all funeral homes 

One of the top cemetery factors one might consider is to check if it serves all funeral homes. This is especially beneficial when families choose direct burial and they need to make arrangements with both parties. While the cemetery provides certain services, funeral homes each operate differently and also have their own policies. Funeral directors are especially helpful during the entire process making it easier to communicate the deceased wishes and providing services as needed. In addition, check to see that the cemetery is not affiliated with any other funeral home. Funeral homes can be quite costly, so it is important the cemetery gives families the choice on who they want to work with. 

Veterans cemetery included

When finding the right cemetery, most families are shocked when they find out that the National Veterans Affair Cemetery has a limited number of locations per state in order to honor discharged veterans and active members of the military accordingly. This makes it harder for families to gain access to a monumental site and even qualify for one in the first place. Luckily, there are a few non-profit cemeteries that offer a veteran cemetery section to commemorate the fallen soldiers. Some even offer local open ceremony events to continue the legacy of the families and tributes. Programs like these offer military families a peace of mind knowing they can always visit as it is close to home. 

If you have trouble reserving a spot in a VA cemetery location or need help choosing the right cemetery for you, please contact Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery. We offer a cemetery veteran’s benefits program that is similar to that of VA benefits. Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery is conveniently located in the Mobile, AL area and serves all faiths and funeral homes. If you have suffered a loss and would like to speak to us, please call us at 251-661-1333. 

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