How To Help A Grieving Friend


When a loved one is grieving, it is common to feel anxious and uneasy when trying to provide them with support. Sometimes words can be misconstrued and come out in a way that seems hurtful. The last thing we want to do while being there for someone is maximizing the pain they are feeling. However, while helping a grieving friend may seem difficult it is important to be there for them during this time of need. Avoiding them may be the easier option, but during this time it is important for them to feel support from those who know and love them. If you have a friend who has recently experienced loss and are searching for ways to best help them grieve, keep reading.

Send Something Thoughtful

Flowers are always a kind gesture, but figuring out what to do with them following afterward can be difficult. Many people will send flowers, but there are also other items that can be sent that will be just as meaningful. A few ideas include:

  • Thoughtful cards
  • Gift cards somewhere for self-care
  • Care boxes
  • Home cooked meals
  • Remembrance items

Give Practical Support

After someone passes away, people need practical support because there are many roles they may not be able to fill at the moment. Practical support can include mowing their lawn and helping to upkeep landscaping, or you can hire a cleaning service to help keep things tidy. Other ideas include:

  • Helping with day-to-day tasks
  • Helping with children and pets
  • Helping sort through the love one’s belongings
  • Join them on outings that may be difficult

Just Being There

During the grieving process, it’s nice to just have someone who is there. Often times when those who are grieving are left alone, that is when it gets the most difficult. Ways of being there for them include:

  • Showing up at their home throughout the week
  • Continuously checking in through text messages or phone calls
  • Reminding them you love them
  • Calling just to talk
  • Giving them a hug
  • Sharing meals with them when it's hard for them to eat

Being There During the Sad Moments

Many people appreciate having friends and family who are willing to be there for them during uncomfortable moments. Just allow them to grieve and cry without trying to fix them or without showing any discomfort. Be willing to do the following:

  • Be there for them during the tears and angry outbursts
  • Just sit with them in silence
  • Let them cry
  • Talk about the person who died and share memories
  • Truly listen to them without judging or offering advice

Grief is different for everyone. This is important to remember when being there for a loved one.. Your support will be needed well beyond the first week, month or year following the loved one’s death. Be sure to continuously check up on them especially during holidays, weddings and certain times of the year that may be a bit more difficult.

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