How to know when it's time to start pre-planning?

We often underestimate how fast time flies by. The “I’ll do it tomorrow”, is never guaranteed because all we really have is now. Planning ahead with pre-need cemetery planning, for example, is a smart financial move that should not be left for future purposes. It is not a matter of when to know when it is time to start pre-planning, but more of how. 

You care about your family’s well-being and protection

We subconsciously do things on a regular basis to protect our family without even noticing. We lock our house doors before we leave for work, drive safely and say things like “stay healthy”. Oftentimes we are too busy caring about our loved ones that we forget about ourselves. This is where pre-arrangement planning comes into play. You get to save the burden of your family putting in all their efforts to gain clearance on what to do and give them time to grieve when they need it most. 

You are ready to take control of your end-of-life finances 

Pre-need cemetery planning is just as important as any other common finances. In the long run, your pre-arrangements will pay off and you can continue to live your life without worrying about using your emergency funds. Take control of your end-of-life finances by working on affordable monthly payments and budget accordingly. You can also work on other things such as writing your own will and obituary, selecting your burial style/plot and filling out your death certificate. 

You want to save money 

As cemetery options become more popular and more expensive with time, you will save money when you start with cemetery planning now. Cremation is on the rise across many religions and is well under way to make a sustainable impact on the environment. Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery offers all the resources you need to begin the process no matter the type of burial you choose. You get to pay off the costs early while focusing on living your best life.

You had a recent death in the family

Experiencing a recent death in the family is often an eye-opening moment. It is usually unexpected and comes with a combination of mixed emotions. This is the time when cemetery planning is most necessary. Scheduling time to speak to your family about the impacts you can avoid with pre-arrangements brings many important conversations you would not otherwise have when it comes to unexpected life events. 

To speak with a staff member about our Personal Planning Organizer on pre-planning, visit us online at or give us a call at 251-661-1333. We are conveniently located in the Mobile, AL area.

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