How to Memorialize your Veteran with Memory Medallions

Going up to your loved one’s gravestone brings up so many beautiful memories. So many, though, that it can be hard to remember every single one. With the help of our exclusive Memory Medallion, honoring your veteran is easier than ever because it works like a memory card holding recollections of pictures and videos. The Memory  Medallion includes a unique QR code that you can scan right on the headstone and view it through your smartphone. There are many ways to memorialize your veteran with this unique feature so that others who live far away can easily access it too.


Include Your Veteran’s Interviews & Stories

Your veteran may have his/her own stories about their history in the military, such as enlisting, moving up through the ranks and stories from overseas. If you have an interview with your veteran from a previous time, you can add that to the medallion. Remember, you have an unlimited capacity for text storage so you can add anything you want. You might be surprised at what details you may learn about your loved one’s life.


A Slideshow of Pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words and, with a 999-image capacity, you can make the most out of it by creating a slideshow or timeline of images of your veteran. This can include a picture of them in their uniform, photos from throughout their life, pictures with family and friends that during special moments like holidays and birthdays and any pictures of awards or medals received.


Life Story Videos

The Memory Medallion feature only permits up to five videos. You may be stuck on which five videos to showcase, but if you add your veteran’s interviews along with pictures, you can paint a picture of their whole life from being a civilian to serving, to retiring and becoming a veteran. This can include a personal video they made talking about where they were born, who raised them, any careers pursued before the military, love and marriage, memories with any kids and grandkids, notable accomplishments and more.


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