How to Plan a Cremation Burial Service

Cremation Burial has become a popular choice for cemetery options and has been on the rise across multiple religious affiliations. Finding proper guidance to plan a cremation burial service is a process that should not be rushed, but rather carefully looked into as it is a permanent decision for memorial purposes. To make appropriate arrangements for a cremation burial, we give you a quick guide to continue to honor your loved one. 

Join a Pre-Need Planning Program 

Get a head start and join your cemetery’s Pre-Need Planning program. The program will better prepare family and friends to start the financial costs at a discounted rate and save the headache of dealing with it during unexpected times. All the details will be noted such as location, floral arrangements and any refreshments. Respecting your loved one’s decision of having a cremation burial (if applicable) should be taken into consideration prior to any type of burial. 

Choose a Plot 

Once you have spoken to a funeral director or staff member about pre-need planning, you can start looking into a plot as a final resting place. This ensures that your loved one has a forever spot in an area that most resembles them best. While it may seem ideal to take the cremations home in an urn and not have a plot, there is no guarantee that the remains will remain safe. Plots include a beautiful remembrance garden or chapel mausoleums that are available for in-ground and above-ground spaces. 

Have a Ceremony Leader and Eulogy Ready 

Prior to the ceremony, a ceremony leader will take on the cremation burial service which is usually the funeral director themselves. Family members will choose favorite pictures of the deceased to display throughout the service. The ceremony leader will speak to the family during pre-need planning about any pianists and music to be played during the service. Family members will also take the time to give an eulogy, obituary and share stories about the deceased. 

Prepare a Viewing Before or After Cremation 

Preparing a viewing allows family members to say their final goodbyes before the actual cremation process. This means having an open (or closed) casket viewing at a church, personal home, funeral home or any other designated place that allows it. Some will choose a direct cremation which means no pre-funeral services are required. Once the body is embalmed and ready, a cremation burial can also be arranged afterwards. 

Final Transportation 

As the final transportation is made in the cemetery grounds, everyone gathers to watch the casket or burying of the ashes. Funeral directors will encourage families to make it as unique and tailored as possible to the respected beloved throughout the entire process.

To start planning a cremation burial service today at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery, please call us at 251-661-1333. We are conveniently located in the Mobile, AL area and are here to assist you during your time of grief.

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