How We are Different From Other Cemeteries

When trying to find the right cemetery for your deceased loved ones or simply wanting to schedule the best pre-need planning options, we are here to help. The costs of graves can be high, but luckily we only look expensive. We are different from other cemeteries in many ways, with our priority being to provide excellent services. Some of the many benefits we offer include pre-need arrangements through our Personal Planning Organization, the way we handle income and serving all faiths.


We are a non-profit organization

Independent and not-for-profit organization is what makes us unique and stand out from the rest of the cemeteries in Alabama. Other large cemeteries are known as investor-owned profits that can easily take advantage of the way they pay themselves through the income that is received from its sale offerings. Remember, the revenue we collect through our services is all used for operating, maintaining and improving the cemetery. We chose to be non-profit because we want to be transparent about where your money goes, and respect you as the property owner.


We are non-affiliate

Were not members of any networks or other funeral homes, churches, religious sect or government agencies. Other cemeteries that work with other affiliates depend and rely on their support; rather, it be for financial reasons or good standing based on contracts. It is governed instead by a board of trustees that give burial rights so that you can feel comfortable in using our cemeteries and services.


Offer high acres of land

Unlike other cemeteries that are smaller or private, we at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery hold over two-hundred acres with enough space for a variety of burial options open to the public of Mobile, Alabama. Our 20 plus gardens can accommodate ground burials, private build suites and traditional mausoleums. With that being said, we will do everything we can to get your loved ones right where you want them.


No Tax Deductible Fundings/Non-owners of lots

There is no need to worry at our cemetery because there are no tax deductibles for simple things like preserving your loved one’s burials. There are also no owners because we care about your privacy rights, nor do we file for annual reports of funds. This means you will receive services at a lower cost compared to other private cemeteries. In addition, you will never receive sales calls, so there is no need to opt-out of a block list. Please do not hesitate to learn more about us and contact us at any time.


Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery is a non-profit cemetery located at 6100 Three Notch Road in Mobile, Alabama. We are here to help those who are in need and make it a priority to preserve the memories of your loved ones in a dignified, honorable and comfortable place. Visit us online at or on our Facebook page. If you have suffered a loss and would like to speak to us, please call us at 251-661-1333.

Services We Offer at Mobile Memorial Gardens:

Pre-Need Planning | Ground Burial | Cremation Burial | Memorial & Monuments

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