Mausoleums vs Burial Vaults What’s the Difference?

Different methods of body deposition and entombment are available here in our gardens. From the types of containers to materials used for storing to the temperatures, there are many options for you and your loved ones here at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Learn about the differences between mausoleums and burial vaults and see which option will suit your needs best.


Burial Vaults are Traditional in Ground Burials

A burial vault, otherwise known as an outer burial container has a purpose of protecting the casket from the earth and stopping the ground from sinking in above the casket. The material used is concrete and manufactured at the plant right here at the Gardens at a lower price for you. The concrete burial vaults are incredibly durable and meant to last for years to come.


Burial Vaults Help Preserve the Grounds

Burial vaults are needed to safeguard the remains within. Burial vaults are also collective in-ground burials. Heavy maintenance equipment is used over the grounds for proper care. The extra container acts like a shield and helps keep water and insects out of the actual casket. Our grounds crew works tirelessly to maintain the quality of Mobile Memorial Gardens. You can rest assured that the integrity of each burial remains intact through the permanence of our structures and the maintenance of our grounds.


Mausoleums Do Not Require a Burial Vault

Unlike a ground burial, traditional mausoleums do not need burial vaults because they are above-ground burials. They also offer efficient use of ground space since they are structured in stacks in a freestanding building.


Mausoleums are Universal

No matter the timing or circumstances, mausoleums accept all religions and are found in most cultures. For a more personal memorialization, private mausoleums are also offered. If you want a specific mausoleum that is exclusive to a certain faith, there are individual gardens located on the grounds as well.


Mausoleums Offer Climate-Control

When your loved ones are buried in a traditional ground burial, you may have to schedule your visitations around the weather. If you prefer to have a place to visit that is more removed from the elements, then mausoleums are your solution. Our mausoleums are specifically built to have a patio and are climate-controlled. It is our top priority that friends, family, visitors and mourners of the deceased find comfort in Mobile Memorial Gardens, rain or shine.


Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery is a non-profit cemetery located at 6100 Three Notch Road in Mobile, Alabama. We are here to help those who are in need and make it a priority to preserve the memories of your loved ones in a dignified, honorable and comfortable place. Visit us online at or on our Facebook page. If you have suffered a loss and would like to speak to us, please call us at 251-661-1333.

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