Memory Medallions

Everyone has a great story to tell. After the loss of a loved one, stories allow us to reminisce priceless moments one has experienced. These stories also help keep the memories of our loved ones alive. With technology advancements, such as Memory Medallions we have the ability to preserve these stories and memories forever. Read more why a Memory Medallion may be the perfect option for your family to share the legacy of your loved one.

What is a Memory Medallion?

A Memory Medallion is a great way to tell your loved one’s story after they have passed away. It is a laser-etched stainless steel circle that can be personalized with etching and photos of the departed. A QR code is attached to the headstone, or any other smooth surface, via an epoxy backing. Scanning the QR code with a smartphone will take visitors to a webpage that gives details about your loved one’s life.

Writing The Story

Using the Memory Medallion service provides a simple way to tell others the story of your loved one. After purchasing the medallion, you will be given a login and password to use when signing in to the Memory Medallion website. Once signed in, you can write your loved one’s story adding all the memories you want to share. You also have the ability to edit, add photos and videos. This is perfect for young children who did not have the chance to meet their grandparents or great-grandparents.

What is Included

Your Memory Medallion will have its own unique web address for family members to access. You can share this website through email or social media so everyone will have a chance to enjoy the memories. The Memory Medallion has unlimited text for stories, links to websites and up to 999 images and 5 videos can be uploaded to the page.

Treasure the wonderful memories of those who have passed with Memory Medallions. Memory Medallions are the perfect way to carry on the traditions and legacies of those we have lost. Our team at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery would love to help you in selecting a Memory Medallion for you to honor your loved one.

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