What is a Mausoleum Burial?

A mausoleum is an above-ground building for the burial of a deceased person or people. It can be small and contain one body, or it can be large enough to hold several caskets. Mausoleums are popular because they protect the body from the elements.

A mausoleum is a building used for burial.

The word comes from the Greek language, meaning "to build." Mausoleums can be small or large, above or below ground. They can contain one body or many, depending on the family's wishes. In some cultures, placing the deceased in a mausoleum is viewed as a means of showing respect for the person’s life and achievements.

It may be above or below ground.

Depending on the type of mausoleum, it may be above or below ground. Above-ground mausoleums are more common, as they're often easier to access and maintain. But if you want to be buried in the ground because of your religion or a family tradition, you have several options. Below-ground mausoleums are usually constructed with concrete walls and floors that can support the weight of several hundred tons of soil or stone above them. 

They can contain one body or many.

A mausoleum is a building or monument where the deceased is laid to rest. Mausoleums can be small and simple, or large and elaborate.

While these structures share some characteristics with traditional above-ground tombs and burial vaults, they also have unique designs that can add meaning and value to you or your loved ones' final resting place. 

The Benefits of Mausoleum Burial

  • Your loved one will be remembered.
  • Your loved one will be safe and protected from the elements.
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that your loved one's final resting place is in a secure, beautiful setting with you as close as possible to them at all times.
  • You won't have to worry about their final resting place anymore

Mausoleums are an important part of the burial process. When planning your or your loved ones' final resting place at our facility with mausoleum burial, you can truly create something truly unique. If you're looking for a place to bury your loved ones, consider building one of these structures!
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