Which Garden to Choose at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery

Cemeteries are built around beautiful landscapes creating a peaceful outdoor scenery to help memorialize loved ones. Over the years however, cemeteries have seen a rise in death tolls, and are faced with limited space and may suffer from being understaffed leading to poor ground upkeep. For Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery, these issues are far from feasible. There is plenty of space with over twenty different garden estates to choose from, each inspired by a memorial park concept, oversized features and works of art carved by artisans throughout the grounds. An entire team also works year round to help keep up with in-ground and above-ground maintenance. With so many gardens to choose from, there are options for everyone. 

Gardens for the Armed Forces

Military families often have a hard time trying to find a cemetery with a designated section for former veterans that includes enough space. Luckily, at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery, there are four sections included in the veteran’s program to honor those members. Valor Garden, Garden of Honor, Garden of Heroes, among other above-ground burials are included. 

Garden for Catholics

Roman Catholics get to enjoy an exclusive section under the Chrisitan burial estate through gardens such as Crucifixion, Garden of Transfiguration that includes wonderful artwork of Moses and Elijah, The Last Supper, amongst other biblical memorials. 

For the Free and Accepted Masons 

For those in good standing of the fraternal order of the Free and Accepted Masons, there is the Garden of Hiram Abif. The Masonic Garden was built for members alike with features of the Blue Lodge symbol.

A Garden for the Cremated 

For the cremated remains of your loved one, an urn can only do so much. Which is one of the reasons we created a Cremation Garden, known as the Remembrance Garden, to help create a space with purpose, protection and accessibility. It works as a final resting place where family and friends can always visit for years to come. 

More Traditional Options 

If any of the in-ground burial gardens do not gratify a disposition you want, there are also more traditional above-ground burials like chapel mausoleums or crypts. The mausoleums offer a more private family setting or choose from stand-alone crypts. Both maintain the cleanliness and driest form of burial. No matter the weather, the Mausoleum Garden stands beautifully from afar and up close due to its magnificent structures of natural stone and reinforced concrete. 

For a superior look at the numerous scenes and downloadable guides from our Garden Estates, visit us online at www.mobilememorialgardens.org. We are strategically placed in the Mobile, AL region. Assuming you have experienced a misfortune and might want to speak to us, kindly call us at 251-661-1333.

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