Why Pre-planning is Important

Many of us like to avoid the topic of funeral arrangements and wills, saving them for another day. While we love to push the thought aside and save it for later, the truth is that planning ahead is the best way to deal with many of the unique decisions that will have to be made during end-of-life care. Pre-planning is the solution that many decide on in order to have the most affordable, peaceful and well-planned options for burial, cremation and more. Believe it or not, you are never too old to begin planning for your own end-of-life care either. By starting early, you provide your family with the security of knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled.


One of the most obvious reasons to begin pre-planning now is the financial relief it will give you and your loved ones. While paying upfront for services you will likely not need for years to come is daunting at first. Pre-planning pays off quickly when you notice how prices can rise over the years for things like cremation, burial plots and memorials. Choosing your specific styles and desires now allows you to take advantage of the current financial climate, rather than risking higher prices down the road.

Convenient Payment

Not only is pre-planning more affordable, but it also allows for more flexible payment options. Rather than paying for expenses upfront or quickly after the loss of a loved one, you can spread your payment across the years to come. This results in the financial burden being significantly reduced.

Peace of Mind

A priceless reason to begin planning now is the peace of mind it will give both you and your loved ones. Ensuring that your wishes are taken care of at the end of your life through pre-planning means that your family will never be left with the tough decisions. You can give your family peace by making any important decisions now in order to relieve the burden off of them later.

Time to Think

Another benefit of pre-planning is that it gives you and your family the time to sit down and discuss any options that may arise. When a family member passes away suddenly, there are likely rash decisions made due to the shock and stress of it all. With pre-need planning, you can make the decisions on your own terms, at your own pace and with the help of your family by your side. There is no need to feel pressured or rushed into anything when you are planning years ahead.

If you are ready to discuss your own pre-planning, or you have any questions for our office staff, please feel free to give us a call at 251-661-1333. Here at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery, we are dedicated to providing peace of mind by helping people make final arrangements in advance.

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