Why Should You Memorialize a Cremated Person?

When someone passes away and they are cremated, oftentimes we think that’s it. There is no physical body to bury anymore and therefore there is no funeral or memorial. Unfortunately, this thinking leads to a lot of cremated remains to be put on a mantel or a shelf and never really thought about again. Our loved ones deserve to be memorialized for the life they lived, and just because they were cremated doesn’t mean they deserve that any less. 

Remembering Your Loved One

When someone passes away they are gone from this physical world, but they are not forgotten. No matter how many years they spend on this earth they made an impact on someone, they built memories and they left a hole in the hearts of many. A memorial is a way to remember them and their impact on those that they loved. 

Celebrating Their Life

A memorial is a good way to celebrate someone's life and their accomplishments. A memorial doesn’t have to be full of only sad moments. It can be a celebration of life. Photographs, home videos and words from those who are close to them will help you to see them through the eyes of those closest to them and will create new happier memories for all. 

Getting Closure

When someone is cremated it can be hard for their friends and family to get closure. Many people will hold onto the ashes waiting for the right time to, but when you lose someone you love there is no right time. Having a memorial is a chance to start the healing process and start to get closure.

Saying Goodbye

Most of the time when a loved one dies we don’t get to say goodbye and a memorial is a way to say goodbye and start moving forward. Without a body there is no physical goodbye, but a memorial service can serve as that final farewell and can be shared by all those who loved them. 

Having a memorial is important for all these reasons and more. Memorials are not one size fits all so it’s important to find what works best for the loved ones of the deceased. The most important thing is not the flowers or the passages read, it’s the remembrance of someone loved who was lost. Don’t let your loved ones' ashes collect dust on the mantle like over one million others. Give them the farewell they deserve with a proper memorial. 

Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery is here to help you with the process of deciding whether cremation is the right option for your family. We offer ground burial, cremation burial, mausoleum burial, master lots, build to suit estates, burial vaults as well as memorials and monuments. We are a non-profit cemetery located at 6100 Three Notch Road in Mobile, Alabama. Give us a call at 251-661-1333, visit us online at www.mobilememorialgardens.org or on our Facebook page.

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