Why Should You Memorialize Your Loved One?

When a loved one passes away there are many decisions to make. One thing you might be contemplating doing but aren’t sure about is having a memorial service or funeral of some sort. Let’s talk about the reasons why you should always memorialize a loved one when they pass away. 

It’s Important for Their Friends and Family Members 

A memorial or funeral isn’t just for immediate family. It’s for those friends and relatives who loved and cherished this person. It gives them a chance to remember and reminisce and show their respects. Without some sort of memorial people may be left feeling empty and like they have not gotten closure. 

Many families in this country are spread out and may only see one another at big events like weddings and funerals. If there is no memorial service or funeral they may not get a chance to be together and celebrate the life of that person they loved. 

It’s a Moment of Closure that Begins to Let Grief Run Its Course 

When we talk about people getting closure for the loss of a loved one, it is not an instant thing that happens. It is a process. Having a memorial or funeral is the start of that process for many people and a crucial step in their journey of grieving.

When you have a memorial service or funeral, you allow the stages of grief to run their course and you allow those who loved this person to begin their healing process. This ties in greatly with the closure most people feel from such a memorialization

It’s a Way to Show Your Respects 

Just because someone has passed doesn’t mean they no longer deserve to be respected and honored. Depending on their heritage and traditions, there are different kinds of memorials and funerals that can show them the respect they deserve. 

Respect is also why even those who are cremated should have some sort of memorial service. Millions of urns sit on mantles and shelves throughout the United States gathering dust because those people were not honored. Don’t let that be your loved one. 

We specialize in Memorializing Memories and we have specialists to help you through the process of creating a truly unique memorial. If you’ve recently had the loss of a loved one or are holding onto their ashes and want to memorialize them in the Mobile area give Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery a call today at 251-661-1333.

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