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Albert Kendrick

December 2, 2013

Condolences For 
"Albert Kendrick"

  1. It's so difficult to let go of Grandaddy.
    He was such an amazing grandfather; always patient, kind, generous, and loving.
    He gave me my first cup of coffee (with lots of cream and sugar). He told great stories with long Southern pauses in between the lines.
    He always cut off the engine of a car before putting it into park. He made me a basket-style tire swing and laid a towel inside of it each time so I wouldn't get dirty.
    He had a green thumb.
    He always had Certs in his pocket.
    He smoked a pipe back in the day and it smelled really good.
    He made my sister and I cardboard boxes so we could slide down the hills by Davidson high school.
    He always bought me a can of cashews or had them on hand when I came over to visit.
    He drank milk with his meals.
    He had the best laugh.
    He was humble and gentle.
    I will miss him greatly and love him always.

  2. What a wonderful man
    What precious memories
    Praying you find comfort in knowing he is now with
    his Heavenly Father.

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