How Many Types of Cremation Are There?

When it comes to thinking of end-of-life services, whether pre-planning for ourselves or making those final decisions for our loved ones, cremation is an increasingly popular option that comes to mind. With a cremation over a traditional burial, there are several benefits. One of the benefits is the affordability of a cremation. There is also the benefit of the many options available after cremation such as what to do with their ashes. You may be generally familiar with the concept of cremation, but did you know that there are actually multiple types of cremation? Depending on your timeframe and budget, you can choose between traditional, memorial and direct.

Traditional Cremation

When you think of cremation, a traditional cremation service is most likely what comes to mind. With a traditional service, the body is typically present for the wake or visitation, as well as for the funeral. With this type of cremation, because the body is present, the costs are a bit higher. Embalming and caskets are still necessary with this cremation service and the family or individual may opt for a burial or display following the cremation. 

Memorial Cremation

The main difference between a memorial cremation and a traditional cremation is the fact that in a memorial cremation, the body is not present at the funeral service. With this type of cremation, there is no viewing as the body is cremated right away. This option is ideal when the memorial service is being planned weeks away. With memorial cremation, the remains can be displayed in an urn at the service if the family chooses to do so.

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the most basic form of cremation. In a direct cremation, the cremation takes place directly after passing. This type of cremation is one of the most affordable and flexible options offered. Families who choose direct cremation can save on valuable time and resources by avoiding the planning and hosting that a traditional or memorial cremation service would entail.

No matter which form of cremation you and your family choose, your loved one will be honored and remembered here at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Consider your own timeline and budget carefully before choosing which cremation service works best for you. Ultimately, whatever you decide will be the right choice and you can rest assured that your loved one is taken care of. Our Remembrance Garden and Chapel Mausoleum provide an in-ground and above-ground space to inter your loved ones remains long term. If you are in need of cremation services or space for their remains, contact us at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery today and let us provide our expertise to make the difficult decisions easier.

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