Tips for Writing the Perfect Epitaph Inscription

Your loved one’s passing deserves more than just their name and date of birth and death imprinted on their headstone or cemetery marker. They deserve to be remembered for who they were, what they stood for or what they loved most. Write what remains on their hearts forever.

Choose a Quote/Bible Verse that Best Describes Them

You may have seen your loved one caption a social media photo with their favorite quote from a book, song or movie. Or, they may have a tattoo of it. But if you’ve heard them say what their favorite quote is out loud or through a lyric, they weren’t kidding! Quotes are a form of self-expression and can be meaningful to most people. Having a hard time thinking of one? Maybe they quoted something from their high school or college yearbook photo. Otherwise, choose one that you think best describes them. After all, you know them best.

Keep It Short and Significant

Some quotes and bible verses are longer than others, but you want to keep it short and sweet since there is minimal space on the chosen plaque. Remember that significance is vital, meaning that we recommend you select a quote or bible verse that fits their religious beliefs, values or overall life-ambitious thoughts. Maybe they were a single mother, a retired veteran or they admired the work of someone famous. Whatever the case may be, make sure you instill an inscription that speaks for years and generations to come.

Me Mindful of the Use of Words

Some quotes/lyrics may be trending, but overtime may lose meaning. We encourage you to be aware of the words you choose and perform any additional research if necessary. Many people will walk past your loved one’s grave and the terms they read will remind them of the imprint they left behind. If you are ever unsure of what the correct words are to use, feel free to ask close family and friends for their opinion to avoid what may seem like a pressure-filled decision.

Add a Loving Ending

After you have chosen and written your epitaph inscription, you may want to add a warm finish to conclude the memorial. Some commonly used ones include: “Forever in Our Hearts,” “Until We Meet Again” or “Rest in Peace.” If you choose, you can also include it above the deceased’s name instead. Keep your loved one’s legacy going with memories that are not only engraved but that will also last a lifetime.

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