Bobbie Faye Lacy - Mobile Memorial Gardens

Bobbie Faye Lacy

April 25, 2016

Condolences For 
"Bobbie Faye Lacy"

  1. mama i miss u so much more & more with each passing day..and especially as my birthday closely approaches in 4 days,(7-28-72) it will be the first without you & ur homemade strawberry birthday cake.
    suppposedly the saying goes time heals all wounds....but that cant be correct when its ur mama uv lost.
    theres no replacement. Time only prolongs ur missing. i hear ur voice and feel ur heartfelt embraces, but memories are no substitution .
    i wouldnt ask Heaven for u back, but i long to be reunited with u there. I feel selfish for countless numbers OF MOTHERLESS CHILDREN when i had the best all to myself who had the heart big enough to have loved them all, had that been possible.

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