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Esther Mae Sheppard

January 23, 2017

Condolences For 
"Esther Mae Sheppard"

  1. So sorry for your loss ,I really liked her and enjoyed being around her. Sue and I always felt welcome and special when we were in her presence. God bless . Jimgurley

  2. Angie, Sandy, Sam and Freddy- so sorry for your loss! As kids, we visited your house alot and I adored both of your parents (and Uncle Tom Dan and Auntie Verlie) but Esther was my favorite person! She handled kids and Billy and horses without breaking a sweat! I loved visiting there and am so so sorry I lost touch with her. God bless you all-you will be in my prayers and my heart! Love, Carol Ann

  3. Lots of fun down on Fowl River with Bill & Esther & the gang. Remember sking on the river, chasing flamingos in Freddies' johnboat, tearing around the backlot in that sawed-off VW, Esther giving shots to that gaggle of Fox Terriers, helping Uncle Bill with boathouses, and crushing a little on my pretty cousin Sandy. I remember stealing watermelons with Freddie in the middle of the night, walking them about a mile down the road to the treehouse, cutting those things open, and finding out they were too green to eat. That was a fun household, and Esther was in the middle of it all. My Auntie took care of me and always made me feel welcome.....loved those days down on the river----good memories from my childhood.
    Dad and Mom have been gone for a some time now, so I totally empathize with you guys. You were in my heart then, and you're still there now. I love you all and I pray that The Father would keep you in His Heart and give you peace. God bless you always.


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