Glen Steele - Mobile Memorial Gardens

Glen Steele

September 16, 2013

Condolences For 
"Glen Steele"

  1. Glen was an amazing man and a man of many talents. He was known by several names to the folks at the Hillcrest Senior Center: Red Dog was the favored. He supposedly used it while he was boxing in Golden Gloves tournments. Glen had been General Patton's driver. He and his late wife were championship ballroom dancers and Glen still enjoyed cutting a rug even in his later years. He loved to make wine and grow his garden. After his wife died, he took up the sport of billiards, and even though he shook as he aimed for the cue ball, it was as if he was going after a moving target and he more often than not hit his mark. When he smiled his whole face lit up like a Christmas tree. I will miss his presence but never forget having had him as a part of my life. Rest in Peace, Glen.

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