The Different Kinds of Burial Markers in Mobile, AL

Whether you’re pre-need or facing the difficult decision of how to pick a gravestone that’s right for your lost loved one, there’s a lot to take in during this time. The burial marker is what symbolizes your family member for the rest of time, and though you will always have them in your memory and in your heart, you want to choose something that adequately represents them and will be their last earthly marker.

In Mobile, Alabama, there’s a plethora of different burial markers to choose from. Let’s dive in and explain a few of the options you have to choose between:

  • Upright Cemetery Monuments
    • These are what you’ll see most commonly across graveyards and cemeteries. The upright monument is an easy, clean marker that makes it simple to find your loved one in the sea of monuments and markers across the field. These are much more customizable and come in a variety of different stones and shapes, therefore allowing you to have more say in the overall aesthetic of the marker. You will find these in the Garden of Resurrection here at our cemetery.
  • Mausoleums
    • There are various configurations of mausoleums available. Here at Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery we offer private and community mausoleums. Mausoleums offer a family the tradition and benefits of above ground burial at very affordable prices.  
  • Flush and Flat
    • Flush and flat markers are exactly what they sound like. These markers are inset in the ground and are a simple way to memorialize the burial space. Flush and flat markers can also have vase attachments that allow you to choose flowers and other memorial items in the area.
  • Bench
    • Bench memorials are a wonderful option if you want to create a space that makes it easy for loved ones to sit and reflect on the life of their dearly departed. These are obviously a bit more expensive than a traditional flat marker or tombstone, but they can be a lovely way to memorialize a life.
  • Burial Vaults
    • Burial vaults or other burial containers protect the casket. This is a lined and sealed outer case for the casket. It is water resistant and provides protection for weight of the earth. Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery manufactures these, which keeps the cost down for families.

As you peruse this list and consider these options, remember that whatever you chose will be a perfect fit. Our loved ones live on with us forever and these markers are just a way to memorialize them on earth. Whatever you feel like is the marker that speaks to them, is the marker that speaks to them. Don’t over-complicate it or stress yourself out — you know what’s right in this situation! This list is just to help you comb through the different options and understand the choices ahead of you.

Mobile Memorial Gardens Cemetery is a non-profit cemetery located at 6100 Three Notch Road in Mobile, Alabama. We are here to help those who are in need and make it a priority to preserve the memories of your loved ones in a dignified, honorable and comfortable place. Visit us online at or on our Facebook page. If you have suffered a loss and would like to speak to us, please call us at 251-661-1333.

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